Creating awareness around Brain Injuries


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What are Brain Injuries?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can occur from either accident, injury, treatment injury or illness.

All brain injuries are different and the impacts of the injury will depend how the injury occurred and what part of the brain is affected. A TBI can be impactful on a person's life and good care and support are necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes for the person living with a TBI.

Fact: Every day 90 New Zealanders sustain a brain injury

Every day, 90 New Zealanders sustain a brain injury - there’s help on hand.

Fact: every 15 mins a brain injury occurs

A brain injury occurs every 
15 minutes in New Zealand.

Learn about fatigue common symptoms

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints associated with brain injury.

The brain is like an egg yolk inside an egg shell. The egg shell is the skull. The egg yolk is the brain itself and the eggwhite is the fluid that surrounds the brain.

Leading causes of TBI

Creating awareness around brain injuries

Falls & Knocks  

Generally the leading cause of TBI is from a fall, followed closely by the head being struck by or against an object.


Motor Vehicle Crashes

Across all age groups, vehicle accidents are the third overall cause of TBI related ED visits, hospitalisation and deaths.


Sporting Concussions

While falls are the highest risk for TBI, they are also common in sports. It is an area where repetitive injury to the head and lack of recover time, can cause longer term issues.

Getting & Providing Support

Find out what support is available and how you can help people in your Whanau and community.


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