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Understanding your brain injury

Understanding your brain injury

Brain Injury can change the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.

Each brain injury may cause different problems for different people and understanding how these changes have affected us can help minimise the stress in everyday life.

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Get Support for your brain injury

Support Groups

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Contact us to join a coffee group near you.

One on One Support

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We can help with a particular problem due to your brain injury such as; helping to fill out documentation, support during an appointment etc.

Private Facebook Chat

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Ask to join our closed Facebook Group

Support to Locate Suitable Counselling

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We can help you find a an agency that can help with some of the issues you are having such as a budgeting agency.

Support to Attend Appointments With Other Agencies

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We can attend appointments (ie WINZ, ACC, Assessments) with you or become an agent for you for agencies such as MSD.

Advocacy if Needed and Appropriate

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We can help speak on your behalf with agencies such as ACC.

Contact our Liaison Officer

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How we can help you

These are some of the services we provide to assist you and your Whanau.

Learn about Brain Injuries


We provide Advocacy


Get Support

Support with agencies

Get Support

Support with medical terminology

Support to access other organisations who can help utilising our community links

How to get registered

Anyone with an acquired brain injury can register with our service free of charge. They must have proof of brain injury. Please fill in the referral form online or ask for one to be sent to you via email.


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