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Whanau Support

Brain Injury can have a profound impact on not just the person injured but also their family and wider whanau.

We can provide support to the whanau after a loved one experiences a brain injury, our staff are experienced in providing strategies for the often complex challenges that are faced when supporting someone with a brain injury.


We can help with:

  • Support when accessing ACC or WINZ
  • Education and support about caring for someone with TBI
  • Advocacy and support at appointments
  • Coffee groups to speak to other people living with a TBI and there carers so you know you are not alone
  • Help to fill in forms and referrals to other agencies that may help with the needs of carers


Helpful Resources


Join us to ensure the services we offer our clients meet their needs.

People who are interested in supporting our organisation can help provide leadership and feedback at our AGM.

Hold a Fundraising Event

Please contact our admin team for further details and to see if you qualify for some of our resource materials.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We appreciate support from businesses and organisations that feel an affinity with us.

Please contact our Liaison Officer who can put you in touch with our Board to discuss what we can offer in return for your support.

Our Sponsors

Brain Injury Sponsor - AMI
Sponsor: Community Organisation Grants Scheme
Sponsor: Community trust
Sponsor: Lion Foundation
Sponsor:Lottery Grants
Sponsor: Minstry of health
Sponsor: Pioneer New world
Sponsor: NZCT Community Trust
Sponsor: Page Charitable Trust
Sponsor: Pub Charity
Sponsor: southern trust
Sponsor: Trust House Community Enterprise


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